Accounts of individual artists’ lives

There’s nothing like actual stories to bring reality home. But living artists, like everyone else, tend to lie about how much money they make and how they make it. So I’m going to start with the stories of deceased artists whose histories are well documented. I’m using the light disguise of initials instead of names because the focus is not on the art itself or the degree of fame. It’s specifically on the larger economic picture, including access to extra resources like servants and wives that many artists today don’t have. Contrary to the image of the starving artist in his garrett, art has tended to be a pursuit of the independently well off.

T.L. (b. 1864)

C.C. (2) (b. 1864)

P.C. (b. 1861)

G.S. (b. 1859)

V.M. (b. 1844)

B.M. (b. 1841)

E.D. (b. 1834)

E.M. (b. 1832)

A.S. (b. 1823)

C.C. (1) (b. 1796)