Bruce for Bruce

The anonymous collective that calls itself the Bruce High Quality Foundation gest some things right: using anonymity to shut down biography-based narrative (taking a leaf out of the Guerrilla Girls playbook) and trying things that aren’t readily fundable anywhere within the art world, like running an alternative biennial (the Brucennial) and an informal art school (the BHQFU). But the articles that are puffing them as revolutionaries are way overstating the case. Like every other artist, the BHQF is chasing celebrity (they acknowledge that it is “super useful”)—they’re just being cleverer about it than most (taking a leaf out of Banksy’s book). And their various ventures are reported to cost upwards of $350,000 a year, which is not chump change.

And what is it with the Bruce monicker? Are there no women in BHQF?