A.S.: an economic biography

Summary: A.S. was born into a socially well-connected middle-class family, married into money, and earned substantial sums from his own work but so mismanaged his financial affairs that he died in modest circumstances.

age 0: is born to a middle-class family; his father and mother run a popular cafe in Brussels, and his father collects art.

age 14: his father dies and he begins his studies at a top-ranked art school.

age 20: moves to Paris and continues his studies at another top-ranked art school.

late 20s: begins exhibiting work and wins some prizes.

age 34: makes his first important sale to a collector (6000 francs).

age 35: marries M.B., who comes from a rich family.

40s: becomes a critically acclaimed painter whose work sells well.

age 52: buys a grand house in Paris.

60s: through a combination of bad investments and overspending, A.S. faces financial difficulties. He makes a bargain to supply a dealer with all paintings produced in a given period in exchange for a single large fee (50,000 francs). This deal ends up lasting three years.

60s: begins taking private students.

70s and 80s: despite receiving numerous honors, does not sell enough work to resolve financial situation.

age 83: dies in Paris in modest circumstances.