A.S.: an economic biography


Summary: A.S. was born into a socially well-connected middle-class family, married into money, and earned substantial sums from his own work but so mismanaged his financial affairs that he died in modest circumstances. age 0: is born to a middle-class…

Bruce for Bruce


The anonymous collective that calls itself the Bruce High Quality Foundation gest some things right: using anonymity to shut down biography-based narrative (taking a leaf out of the Guerrilla Girls playbook) and trying things that aren’t readily fundable anywhere within…

it didn’t pay in 1945 either


In January 1946, Time magazine ran the results of a survey of 200 U.S. artists to find out how much they were earning. The average came out to a whopping $1,154 a year, or $14,746 in 2013 dollars. These are…



The art dealer Michael Findlay (author of The Value of Art) calls the present major art movement  Commercialism. Who can argue with this?

the brutal work of rejection


The artist Christine Wong Yap, on her R+D blog, has been performing a valuable public service to artists by tracking the precise odds of winning various kinds of art competitions, including grants, fellowships, residencies, awards, and festival entries. She has…

income inequality drives art prices up


When conceptual artist Andrea Fraser was invited to be in the 2012 Whitney Biennial, she responded with an essay entitled “There’s no place like home” in which talked about why she’s not really part of the contemporary art world. It…