P.C.: an economic biography

P.C. was supported by his father for most of his adult lifeĀ and eventually got in a large inheritance that set him completely free of the need to sell his work.

1861: is born in Provence; his father is the co-founder of a banking firm and the family is prosperous.

age 18: begins studies at a local art school.

age 19-22: at his father’s wish, attends law school while continuing his art studies on the side.

age 22: moves to Paris; his father, at first angry, eventually reconciles and continues supporting him financially.

age 24: exhibits with a group of independent artists after being rejected by the city’s main exhibition venue.

ages 24-29: is repeatedly rejected by the main exhibition venue.

age 31: leaves Paris at the outbreak of war and goes to southern France with his mistress, M.H.F.

age 32: returns to Paris; now receiving a fairly modest allowance of 100 francs from his father.

age 33: has a son with M.H.F.

age 35: exhibits with a different group of independent artists.

age 36: receives some extra income from commissions.

age 39: his father finds out about his mistress and his son and threatens to cut him off; in the end, he boosts the allowance to 400 francs.

early 40s: his father builds a studio for him on an upper floor of his own home in Provence.

age 47: marries M.H.F.; his father dies and leaves him the family estate and an enormous fortune (400,000 francs).

age 56: has first solo exhibition.

age 58: his mother dies and he sells the estate and builds a new studio in the same region.

age 64: moves into yet another a new studio that he has had built.

age 67: dies of pneumonia.


. . . . . . . . . .


“a commercial failure during his lifetime” (The Getty magazine, winter 2014, p. 27)